The concept of massage therapy is based upon hands-on manipulation to tissue of the body, which circulates blood and oxygen throughout connective tissue so that we may continue to move freely without any restrictions.

What does it mean, “to be relaxed”? It can be seen in different forms. Some may enjoy the sun beaming on them while on the beach; many will put their feet up on the couch and lay out, some sipping wine on the porch, while others will welcome the idea of receiving massage treatments.

Having a good balance of mind and body is key to daily routines of our lives. I feel they cannot be separated. We put our minds and bodies through quite a bit and deny ourselves the break we need. Our muscles and bones adapt to many of our habitual schedules.

So you can imagine, for those who sit in uncomfortable chairs for long periods of time in front of a computer, this prevents your joints from its full range of motion; creating aches and pains that either appear suddenly or later on during the night when you’re at rest.

This obstacle might cause hypertension in vessels, improper movement of muscle fibers causing irregular elasticity to your muscle, and indirectly to the many layers of skin that prevent you from stretching or even stand straight with good posture.

To eliminate tension from the repetitive and tedious activities we do, massage is a great remedy. Not only is it non-invasive but also it’s an easy way to feel the relaxation that you’ve been looking for.



We usually don’t have the time we desire during the day to fully help us unwind. But I encourage you to utilize little moments within your workday and take a minute or so to give yourself a neck, torso, or leg stretch to break the monotony of the standing environment we are situated in. This will avert our bodies from giving us problems later on.
So if you recognize, and are not in denial, that you are experiencing any pain and discomfort, why not take advantage of having a deep tissue or relaxing massage to help you better yourself? You will be surprised how much your body and mind will thank you.

Maybe a more important question to ask is, “How important is your body to you?”