Hello everyone, my name is Robert Glean — a licensed and registered massage therapist (RMT) since 2004, and a movement re-educator with regards to waking the mind and body back to its normalcy again. Over the years of educating myself about the body, I’ve learned that the body needs more attention at times than we give it.

Society has categorized/specialized different therapies into the treatment of skin, muscles, nerves and bones. The body is highly sophisticated and should be treated this way. Some people can be treated with massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture measures alone but often it’s not enough.

Benefit packages from insurance companies suggest that you have an allotted dollar amount for treatments per modality to be fixed so you can resume back to normal. That can be seen as unfair and stressful.

To think how complicated the body can be, led me to educate myself in diverse therapies to address the body in a proper, and some might think, a different way. Every minute that passes in a scheduled time for a treatment is an important one. Which is why I am taking proper measures to learn about the body from different therapies.


The more I educate myself with both eastern and western philosophies, the more I say, “Man, I don’t know the body as much as I do”. The body is very complex. There is a high respect from the very little, to the very big symptoms we feel on a daily basis.

Finding the root of different problematic symptoms within the mind and body suggests to me that everyone has different locking mechanisms that have specific keys that are needed for them to open. Some treatments can be seen as “a walking Band-Aid”, in that the relief you feel is only temporary and will result in constant treatment in the same area over and over. By that time, your benefits have depleted and you have to rely on money from your wallet. Which is a headache in itself if you don’t have money to spend.


Parts of the body will have symptoms of pain, but this doesn’t mean the area of pain is where the problem lies. For example, people who have shoulder pain from working in front of a computer will have very tight and locked shoulders that hug close to their ears. Upon therapy they will say that their shoulders are so tight it’s giving them headaches, but what if due to so much sitting and strenuous gazing into screens for long periods cause tension down the back of the neck, down the back, through legs to the bottom of the foot?

If the wrong part of the body is treated then the treatment is useless. It will only come up again, either the same way or in a different area of the body. Which is why it is so important to get to the root of the problem.


I have a policy that “If there is no increase at all in feeling better within 3 treatments, then I would advise to refer out”, in hopes to find better means of treatment. The idea of having you not use medication is a task and challenge I’m very patient with. It is also a mindset that needs to be adjusted. Ask yourself if you’d like to rid yourself of the constant meds taken over the years? To not disguise your pain with pills that only mask symptoms and start to live with the body you previous had before.

Give yourself the time to unlock the symptoms of new or old pain by challenging your body and mind to different experiences of exercise. The fixed mindset of lasting pain can change to a growth mindset of living without pain. The only thing I ask is for an effort to be present once treatments have started. Through this committed agreement, the action of forward movement and healing can take place.